The Pleiadian Trilogy

Spirituality in the Workplace

US $14.95
244 Pages

The Living Organization--Spirituality in the Workplace

Talk of ethics, values and people all arise from one revolutionary movement--Spirituality. Dr. William Guillory shows how Spirituality is rapidly transforming the way people look at business, and the way businesses look at people. The Living Organization boldly reveals how companies can embrace this amazing revolution that is transforming corporate America.

Empowerment for High Performing Organizations

US $12.95 (paperback)
239 pages.

Empowerment: For High Performing Organizations

How do you take words like "Empowerment" and "High Performance" from cliche to clarity? With real world examples from Fortune 500 corporations, Empowerment for High Performing Organizations illustrates how empowerment principles are key to success. Dr. Guillory solves the mystery behind empowerment and reveals how to integrate it into your career and your organization.

The Guides

242 pages

The Guides

Early one morning, Bill Guillory was awakened from a sound sleep to begin writing material that would transform his life. With each word, his writing moved him away from everyday convention to new outposts of discovery. The Guides chronicles his series of radical meditations on life and the world. This book will give you the opportunity to explore new consciousness, the nature of reality, and other revolutionary ideas that may encourage you to rethink many aspects of life that have long gone unquestioned.

It's All An Illusion

93 pages

It's All An Illusion

A 40-mile ride to the countryside begins an extraordinary journey of discovery for a young college student. In It's All An Illusion, the backdrop of his friendship with a magical old man provides a lighthearted look at whether life is really as it appears. You'll be entertained and challenged as the student and his mentor explore everyday life in ways that most of us have never even considered.


US$7.95 108 pages

Realizations: Personal Empowerment through Self-Awareness

Realizations takes an engaging look at how we live. You will learn how to improve your relationships, your communication skills, and your ability to manage stress using this book. Through rich examples and exercises, Realizations will give you a lasting road map to personal and professional success.

The Global Manager

US$ 5.95
20 pages

The Global Manager

This book is an essential primer for the business person working in a global environment. The Global Manager summarizes seven critical skills for people working in global workplaces, and also gives readers an understanding of some of the world's major business cultures. Great for people who want to begin to understand global diversity, but who don't have a lot of time.

The Business of Diversity

54 pages

The Business of Diversity--The Case for Action

This booklet outlines in detail the business case for diversity--its relationship to high performance, the dimensions of diversity, demographic changes, and the differences between diversity and AA/EEO. In addition, the booklet discusses the major business dimensions of diversity including work force utilization, diverse customer bases, productivity, globalization, mergers & acquisitions, and the new skilled workers. This booklet is a must for anyone attempting to understand the business case for diversity.

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