The Science of Consciousness

by Dr. William A. Guillory, Ph.D.

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Summary of Dr. Guillory's previous article on the topic:

  1. The Science of Consciousness is the meta-experiential study of inner space.

  2. Inner space gives rise to outer space or form [(time/space/matter)e.g. humans are spiritual beings having a physical experience].

  3. Inner space is "in-finite" in dimension or it is dimensionless.

  4. Inner space exploration will require the mastery of new scientific skills including:

    • telepathy
    • teleportation
    • clairvoyance
    • psychokensis
    • holistic seeing
    • remote viewing
    • sleep-state exploration
    • precognition
    • channeling (single/multiple)
    • out-of-body experience
    • exploration of other universes

  5. Inner space "is" (no beginning and no ending) and is infinitely expanding (without end and without a final objective)

  6. Inner space is individually and collectively created and co-created, respectively --- instance, by instance, by instance, ad infinitum --- with no prior instances necessarily related to the "so-called" succeeding one.

  7. Reality is suceeding spheres of inner awareness and can only be known as wisdom --- a state of being.

  8. The "nature" of inner space (consciousness) is dynamic change (creation, creation, creation, creation, ad infinitum).

  9. Humans serve as conduits for creating the outer physical world from inner consciousness influenced by body/mind consciousness.

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